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Sound Services

With our experienced sound technicians and top of the line equipment, First State Entertainment has the ability to provide high quality sound for any event. Whether you have a large outdoor area, presentation space, or even need sound provided for your band or live act, you've found the right company for the job. 

Lighting Services

Lighting has the ability to make or break the ambience and atmosphere of an event. With our vast repertoire of different lighting packages and skilled technicians we can compliment our great entertainment for any event. Contact us for pricing on our uplighting and premier packages, 

Photography Services

First State Entertainment partners with some of the top photographers in the area to be able to build custom package deals and pricing options in order to provide the best all around experience for any event. Ask about one of our package deals today!

First State Entertainment

Live Streaming Services

Live Streaming has become more and more popular as of recently. Want to give your fans a concert from their living room? Well look no further. First State Entertainment has the ability to shoot professional live streams boasting fully mixed audio and high quality video. 

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